The Electric Anniversary


Electricity has been added to the game! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and finally decided to take the plunge this month and get it implemented. It’s not totally finished, but all of the heavy lifting has been done so we’ll be able to expand on it with ease in the coming months.

More Information

The main use for this is going to be making godlike trap bases. Moving forward, I’m going to add a lot more components which will let people do things such as move inventory items around for automatic sorters or to collect loot from failed raid attempts. Factory type deployables are a must. The list goes on and on.


We’ve added the M39 Rifle to the game. This rifle is the military grade counterpart to the SAR. You’ll be able to find it in the advanced crates (military/bradley/locked/airdrop) rarely, and it is, of course, uncraftable. We’re going to be doing a revamp of the way the NPC vendors work in the coming month(s) so that the available items are no longer static, and we’ll throw the M39 into the rotating loot table.


Our third censorship option has finally arrived: underwear. This should be particularly useful for streamers, although we do not expect it to automatically solve all demonetization issues. You can enable it in the options menu.

Cargo Ship Improvements

Impact particle effects on the cargo ship have been updated to be simulated in local space, so they no longer look completely out of place and go crazy when the ship moves along. More importantly, you can now deploy ladders anywhere on the ship. This can, for example, be used to board it from different directions and surprise other players that are already on board.


One of the things I worked on in the past month was a barge that will eventually serve as a spawn point for new players. The idea is for these barges to circle around the island and allow players to jump off at any point and swim to the shore. They’re not in the game this patch, but here’s what they look like:

Oil Rig

Now that we have a lot of functional water gameplay mechanics, an oil rig seems like a natural progression for monuments in the game. The rig should play like an event. I am currently working on this with Damian, and we are on track to release at the beginning of next year. More details will follow as we progress through it.


This month, the Junkpile Scientists and Military Tunnel Lab Scientists were moved onto the new AI system that has been running the Scientist brains at the Military Tunnel since August. This means that the NPCs should now be much faster at reacting to you, using junkpiles for cover, and generally put up a much-improved challenge to pesty scavengers that disturb their important research.

Military Tunnel Scientists, in general, got better at using cover tactically during gunfights and should throw grenades more often. They stay back and wait for players to push them most of the time, but can get frustrated enough that they push the player’s position as well. Scientists will now run slower sideways and backwards, much like a player would.

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