The Performance Update

This is the Performance Update where Rust has added lots of changes for players in their settings so the game can run more smoother. Here’s some new items Rust has added:

Smoke Grenades:

“I added a new uncraftable grenade this month, the Smoke Grenade. The new ‘nade will obscure the area they are thrown in for 45 seconds, and can only be purchased at Bandit Town for 10 Scrap.”

Farming Changes:

“I recently changed both corn and pumpkins to be stackable, which should make them less annoying. I removed their condition value as well, so no more 0.1hp pumpkins. I also changed how plants work, so you can only harvest the fruit when it is fully ripe, which now lasts 48 hours before dying.”

Bandit Town Recycler:

“In a small oversight, we forgot to add the recycler to the Bandit Town. This is now fixed.”

Repair Bench QOL:

“A long time community request was to be able to place deployables under the repair bench. You can now do this, and I enabled it on the BBQ as well.”

Cargo Ship Event:

“For the past few weeks, Vincent and I have been hard at work on a new monument. The Lazarus is a large shipping vessel owned by the Cobalt Cargo Shipping Company. It is meant to circle the Rust island and deliver goods to the scientists working there. This large ship will contain valuable loot and will be protected by the scientists that players will have to defeat in order to access it.

While all of the artwork for this monument is currently finished, we decided against releasing it this month. Currently, the ship works only as a static monument and spawns out in the ocean. However, the idea is to have it move around the island. To achieve that, some new game code will be required, and it’s not an easy task as players and scientists will have to be parented to a large moving vehicle.”

New Glove Types:

“I’ve been working on some new glove types: Burlap, Roadsign and Tactical versions based on some concepts Paul made. I was doing some final fixes when we locked down the patch, but they’re all done now so expect them in next month’s update!”

Slot Machines:

“To expand the casino, I made a slot machine. The winning conditions aren’t set yet, and so the conditions will be added at a later date to the texture on the top sign.”

The L96 Sniper Rifle:

“This is the new L96 Sniper Rifle. It’s the military counterpart to the Bolt Action Rifle currently in-game, and like the other military grade guns it’s expected to not be craftable.”

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