The Team Update

Team System

We’ve added a rudimentary team system. This means you can create teams and invite other players to them. This will yield the ability for all team members to differentiate each other at long distances, as well as see each other on the map. You can also see if someone is online or dead. It’s pretty straightforward:

To create a team, press tab and click the “Create Team” button. To invite another player, walk up to them and press E.

To kick a player out, you must be team leader (checkmark): hover over them in the tab menu and press “Kick”. To promote another player to leader (if you’re logging off,) hold “E” on a team member for 3 seconds. To leave a team, press the “Leave Team” button in the tab menu.

Teams have a default max size of 8 and any server can disable the team system entirely with the startup command maxteamsize 0.

The Jack Hammer

It’s uncraftable, can’t be repaired, but can be refilled with air at a workbench similar to the diving tank. You’ll find it in tool crates and it is available for sale at the compound.

The Compass

New C4 Texture/Art

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