The Puzzle Update

The Puzzle Update was added to make things a little harder such as getting into the main monuments to get more and better loot for yourself to take back home to your base !

Post from FacePunch:

“We’re introducing progression through the monuments. Until now, all the content you looted in our monuments was readily available, there was little to none prep-work needed for a monument run, and you’d probably just run mindlessly through it unless you got to a jumping segment. Some monuments became harder last year with the addition of NPCs. The puzzles add a whole new layer to the game’s mechanics: they will link monuments together into a coherent path, with increasing rewards and difficulty as you progress through a wipe cycle. They are also laying the foundations for player usable electricity in the future. The puzzles offer an extra layer of loot.

Here’s a list of the monuments that contain puzzles and their relative complexity:

Basic Tier, grants access to Green Cards:

  • Gas Station
  • Junkyard
  • Lighthouse
  • Supermarket

Easy Tier, grants access to Blue Cards:

  • Harbor_1
  • Harbor_2
  • Satellite Dish
  • Sewer Branch”

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