Working on new website as old host went MIA you can use the menu to get to donation page

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  1. Yesterday I was able to load in just fine but today I’ve been having trouble connecting into RustyForest 4x|Solo|Duo|Trio|PVP because it keeps saying “Disconnected: You don’t have enough Steam games. ” I don’t understand that. That honestly doesn’t see, valid when I have 9 games playing and 13 games that I haven’t installed yet. That to me just doesn’t make any sense. But anyways I still really the server an would just like to be able to join. Please fix this bug.

    1. that was a test of a new plugin but with the new security steam has implemented this plugin is not able to get the information it needs

  2. Why are there no wipe schedules listed anywhere. That is the #2 thing people look for when choosing a server.

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