The Bandit Town Update

Bandit Town

Bandit Town is finally here. When exploring the island you will come across a foggy swamp, filled with wooden shacks and populated by bandits. The area contains several huts with merchant NPCs selling their wares, heavily armed bandit NPCs, and a dredge that contains a casino. Inside of it you will find a Big Wheel mini-game that lets you gamble away your hard earned Scrap.

Visually, the area has gone through many stages, and we’ve been able to achieve a high level of polish. As you explore it you will find that it is filled with small props and details, which should add another level of immersion to it.

Below are some screenshots of the finished monument.

Bandit Shops



Compound Bow

Atmosphere Volumes in Bandit Town


Community Update 193

Some more updates with water worlds and custom maps! You can find water world servers on the battlemetrics to find the connect ip

The Team Update

Team System

We’ve added a rudimentary team system. This means you can create teams and invite other players to them. This will yield the ability for all team members to differentiate each other at long distances, as well as see each other on the map. You can also see if someone is online or dead. It’s pretty straightforward:

To create a team, press tab and click the “Create Team” button. To invite another player, walk up to them and press E.

To kick a player out, you must be team leader (checkmark): hover over them in the tab menu and press “Kick”. To promote another player to leader (if you’re logging off,) hold “E” on a team member for 3 seconds. To leave a team, press the “Leave Team” button in the tab menu.

Teams have a default max size of 8 and any server can disable the team system entirely with the startup command maxteamsize 0.

The Jack Hammer

It’s uncraftable, can’t be repaired, but can be refilled with air at a workbench similar to the diving tank. You’ll find it in tool crates and it is available for sale at the compound.

The Compass

New C4 Texture/Art

The Puzzle Update

The Puzzle Update was added to make things a little harder such as getting into the main monuments to get more and better loot for yourself to take back home to your base !

Post from FacePunch:

“We’re introducing progression through the monuments. Until now, all the content you looted in our monuments was readily available, there was little to none prep-work needed for a monument run, and you’d probably just run mindlessly through it unless you got to a jumping segment. Some monuments became harder last year with the addition of NPCs. The puzzles add a whole new layer to the game’s mechanics: they will link monuments together into a coherent path, with increasing rewards and difficulty as you progress through a wipe cycle. They are also laying the foundations for player usable electricity in the future. The puzzles offer an extra layer of loot.

Here’s a list of the monuments that contain puzzles and their relative complexity:

Basic Tier, grants access to Green Cards:

  • Gas Station
  • Junkyard
  • Lighthouse
  • Supermarket

Easy Tier, grants access to Blue Cards:

  • Harbor_1
  • Harbor_2
  • Satellite Dish
  • Sewer Branch”

Repair Changes

Looks like we only got a little of updates slated for the game.
Repairing will only cost 20% of item total instead of 50%.
Repair Bench also will no longer cost wood to craft.


also looks like they are working on ridable horses 😀

“passenger/saddle seat TESTS, relax” – Maurino Berry


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